Return Refund & Delivery Policy 退货退款&交货政策

Return & Refund Policy退货&退款政策

  1. Lights: No return, refund or exchange.金光明灯:恕不退货、不退款、不换货。
  2. Event Sponsorship: No refund or exchange.活动赞助:恕不退款、不替换。
  3. Zen Merchandise: 禅意用品:
    1. Please contact customer service of this website (017-268 0686 and for any queries.如有任何需求,请联系此网站客服(017-268 0686 and。
    2. Zen merchandise: no return; no exchange at any of our centers.禅意用品,恕不退款、不退货,也不可在禅堂换货。
    3. There is no refund or exchange for all free gifts. The final free gift selections are determined by the company.所有赠品,恕不退不换。最终赠品的选择概由本公司决定。
    4. If any merchandise cannot be supplied, payment will be refunded.无法提供的货品将会安排退款。
    5. If any item received is defective, damaged, or does not match with the sales order, please contact customer service within 72 hours. Request thereafter will not be entertained.如果收到的货品有品质问题、有损坏或是与订单内容不符合,请在72小时内联系客服处理。超过时限,恕不受理。
    6. The following conditions are not considered as quality issues:以下情形不属于品质问题:
      1. Colour difference between photos and actual items.照片与实物的色差。
      2. Minor deviation in size and colour from different batches.不同批次货品存在的尺寸及色泽差异。
      3. Inherent shape, texture and impurities of natural stones.天然矿石本有的形状、纹理与杂质。

Notes 注意事项:

  • The customer service will email a Customer Service Form, including the reference number, item details, and handling procedure.客服会电邮提供客服单,含单号、物品明细、处理方式。
  • All return items must be kept in their original condition with price tags, labels, packaging, etc.所有退回的货品必须保持出售原状,包括价格标签、商标标识、包装等。
  • Please indicate the reference number on the returned package.请在外包装上注明单号。
  • The company will review each request on a case by case basis and, in its sole discretion, determine whether the request is successful.本公司有全权依据个别情况做出最终合理的处理。
  • The company reserves the right to change and update this policy at any time in its absolute discretion.本公司有全权随时更改及更新此政策。

Delivery Policy 交货政策  

  1. Upon payment receipt confirmation, the lead time for delivery is around 7 working days.
  1. Upon delivery, please check against your order form. In case of any query, please call the customer service within 72 hours. (017-268 0686,
    收到快递后,请与订单核对。如有任何疑问,请在72小时内联系客服(017-268 0686,。